Wednesday, September 27, 2006

You lookin' at ME...?

Cambria loves to give us "the look" now--apparently that is her new thing. You may have thought this act only came from adolescents , but as you can see, it has already been mastered by Cambria. For some unknown reason, Rick is the one who usually receives "the look." Oh how cute even rebellion can be coming from her...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Back to school

Well, we have just about 2 weeks of school under our belts now. Bryce is in the second grade this year, and is doing well so far. This week his class is bringing in insects (dead or alive) for one of their science units. This is right up his alley, let me tell you!!! So out exploring he did go. Unfortunately the rain and cooler temps the last few days did not help him much. The best he came up with was a dead mouse full of maggets. Yeah!! Lovely!! A caterpillar would have been nice (my thought). Oh well.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Teletubby addict

We have a Teletubby addict in our house. It all started with an innocent trip to the Library. Each week we let the kids pick out a movie to check out. One week, Cambria found a teletubby video and brought it to me. I mistakenly thought it was a good pick. Since then, she has become a complete maniac over the teletubbies. Even though she has never seen the program on T.V., she has become addicted over the videos. I think our Library has 3 videos--so these get rotated. It's gotten so bad that the first words out of her mouth when she wakes up in the morning is "teletubbies' (however it sounds more like teh-tah). We can't even walk by the living room without a shout out. Good grief!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ho Ho Ho...

Green Giant!! Remember those commercials? I had no idea that the Jolly Green Giant was from Blue Earth, MN (which was just a few minutes drive from where Jordan's wedding was held--and the closest town with a hotel). We were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by the lovely gentleman. The kids thought it was awesome, too. Apparently the Jolly Green Giant has a whole entourage. Bryce and cousin Jonathan are saying hello to the little brocolli/asparagus/spinach???, and Abbi is greeting these other nice farmer friends. Our picture of Jolly is sadly dark, but it's still proof of his presence.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Jordan and Amber

We've added another Amber to the family. Amber Rose is Jordan's new bride (her middle name is forever now to be used so as not to confuse sister Amber with sister-in-law Amber)! Congratulations to you! The wedding was beautiful, and the reception was a lot of fun, too. Cambria only made it through the first half, unfortunately. But between Rick and I, we both saw most of it. The wedding was in southern MN, where Amber Rose is from. Here is a pictue of the bride and groom, of course, and one of Rick and I at the wedding.