Thursday, March 22, 2007

A day at the farm

On Sunday, we visited with friends from church at their home. They are in the midst of calving season, so they invited us to see some of their new baby calves. Oh so cute! The kids just loved it. One calf was even born while we were eating our lunch--(no we did not watch it while we were eating). Each calf is named, and Bryce got to pick the name of the newest calf. He named it Inky (it was black). Abbi named one Fuzzy. After petting some of the calves, we went and saw the horses, dog, cats, and bunnies too (almost like our own personal petting zoo). The kids didn't even seem to notice that it was sleeting on us the whole time. Oh this MN weather...... Here are some pictures.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Like Mother, like daughters?

I just couldn't resist snapping this photo of the girls playing video games! Bryce has been playing Donkey Kong for nintendo 64 (I know--practically from the dark ages). He came to his mother for help (imagine that) when he couldn't win a challenge in the game. The last time I played the game was about 7 years ago. Anyway, it has sparked that video game bug in my system, and Bryce and I have been playing the game together the last week. Now it looks like the girls want in on the action, too. (Sorry for the red eye...I forgot to activate it on my camera)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Snow and Ice

After receiving about a foot of snow last week, we had a warmer weekend (warmer meaning it was in the 30s) which resulted in some nice ice formations. The first picture shows some icicles in one of our trees. The picture to the right shows how long some of our icicles have gotten. When Jenn was about Bryce's age (7), she tried to break an icicle off of the roof with an empty, plastic pop bottle. She did succeed in breaking down the icicle, unfortunately she also succeeded in breaking the window. Oops!