Friday, May 16, 2008

Abbi turns 6

I can't believe I forgot to blog this!! (actually, yes I can! pregnant brain...enough said).

On April 20th, Abbi turned 6 years old! She is getting so big! She is almost done with Kindergarten (only a couple of weeks left), and has grown SO much this last year. Maybe going to school does that?

Here is a picture of her with Bryce and Cambria. By the way, she picked PINK cake with PINK frosting! I could not convince her otherwise! LOL!! And of course, she is wearing her pretty PINK dress!
Here is a picture of Abbi with some of her "loot."

My little Asian Princess

Isn't she just beautiful? The kids had their school program this last Monday, and the theme was "Children from around the World." The kids were encouraged to dress up as kids from other cultures. With the help of my friend Kayla (I could NOT have come up with this stuff without you!!), Abbi was dressed up as Japanese (with REAL Japanese chopsticks and a fan from uncle Clark and auntie Racinda from their stay in Japan), and Bryce was a very cute Guatemalan dude. My camera spazzed out before I could get a picture of him (bummer), but thankfully I have him on the video camera. The kids did an EXCELLENT job at their program. Bryce had several lines to say, and as a surprise to Rick and I, he also had a SOLO!! He did GREAT!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Baby: food

I find it very funny that when describing what the size of a baby is while in utero, food is always used as the analogy. (at least in all the baby books I've read and the websites I've gone to)

First it was the size of a pea.
Then it was the size of a plum.
Then a lemon, a grapefruit, a turnip (my personal favorite),
and right now? The baby is a green pepper.

And why is it that when the baby only weighs 5-7 ounces, I've already gained 10 lbs? These questions and many other pregnancy related ones have stumped me! Although most things can easily stump me these days. :-)

And speaking of babies....we are eagerly anticipating the birth of our new nephew by Josh and Cindy (well--Cindy will be doing the hard work). We have a poll going for when the baby will come and how much he'll weigh, etc. but most of us have already had our dates pass by with no baby to count for. Come on Baby Festus!!! (that's his name while in utero).