Monday, June 25, 2007

Time with Cousins

While we were at the ND Family Camp, the kids got to spend some time with cousins. Jenn's sister Heidi and her kids and nieces came to play. Grandma Patti treated the all the kids to ice cream after one of the evening services (Thanks Grandma Patti!!). Rick took Bryce and Abbi home and Jenn and Cambria stayed a few extra days to play. Here are the kids enjoying their treat (top), and some of the kids actually sitting still for a picture. The bottom picture from L to R: Ricky, Elizabeth, Hailey, Erin, and Cambria.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Inflatable Jousting

We were at the ND Family Camp this last weekend and enjoyed a fun Family Day! They set up an inflatable joust for the kids for one of the fun activities planned. Bryce was content to just watch, but the girls wanted a piece of the action. Abbi did a great job--tying her opponent. Then Cambria got in on the fun, too! (Abbi--top picture on the right)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kids Crusade

We had a team from North Central University up doing a kids crusade (vbs) at the church. They had a candyland theme, with excellent costumes (made by the girls on the team)! We took this picture on our last night with all the kids that attended. The picture turned out dark, but you can still see what an wonderful turnout we had! Many kids accepted Jesus into their lives, and that's the best part! I think the kids will be disappointed that it's over now, though. How fun to have church that's completed geared just for you. Although that is normal for many big churches, up here in the more "rural" areas that is a big treat.