Friday, June 20, 2008

Italy--here we come!!

The bags are packed, the kids are at grandpa's and grandma's house, and we are all set to go!

Italy--here we come!! Rick and I and 7 others will be flying out today to head to Italy for a mission's trip. We couldn't ask for a better group to go together. What an adventure we will have! I can't wait to post pictures and tell lots of stories when we get back.

We will be going to the city of Padua (or Padova), which is very close to Venice. For our day off, we will get to spend the day in Venice, and yes--we will try our very best to go on a gondola. And if need be, we will have Rick serenade us. :)

Until then, Bon Journo!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's a GIRL

We had our ultrasound yesterday, and much to our surprise, we found out that this little one is a girl. Why a surprise? Well, my gut instinct (which has been right with the other three) was saying "boy" all along. I guess I shouldn't always trust my gut! haha Actually, all of us thought it was going to be a boy. And when we told the kids the news, Abbi says, "What? I thought God was going to give us a boy?...or twins!" LOL!!! Nope!

I do find it very weird to be sharing this news with everyone already. With both Bryce and Abbi we DID find out, but kept it a secret. And with Cambria we didn't even find out. So it is rather weird to be talking about our little girl already!

We are very excited...and I guess now we need to start thinking of names! :-)