Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Picnic Lunch

Today was a gorgeous day, and so we decided to have a little picnic lunch outside on the lawn. We need to enjoy days like these since they are only here for such a short time!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cambria and Friends

Cambria had lots of fun at the church picnic. Here she is with Adam and Chloe right before service. During service she picked some "flowers" with her friend Summer.

Sunday School Picnic

Last Sunday we had our annual Sunday School Picnic at the lake. I always love a lakeside service; enjoying the beautiful outdoors, everyone clustered together to hear the word, the gentle breeze carrying the music of worship. We were even able to have a baptism service this year with 4 getting baptized. It was a fun day with lots of games, food, and sunshine! Here is a picture of Bryce getting ready to be baptized and of us getting ready for our service.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Junior Teen Camp

I (Jenn) went to Jr. Teen camp in MN this last week as a counselor. I brought two girls from our church with me and had 6 others from another town. They were the best campers a counselor could ever hope for--especially after hearing some stories from other counselors! I had such a blast, and can't wait for next year (right Alexis?) Here are pictures of me with all my campers (Alexis, Boe, Amy, Paige, Chelsea, Ally, Melissa, Tina, me) and with me and the girls I brought down (Alexis and Boe). Now I just need to catch up on all that lost sleep....

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Bryce

Today Bryce turned 8 years old. We had a really fun day! First we had cake and presents, then we went out to the lake for a few hours, then back home for some games and pizza! He is such a handsome guy--isn't he?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

We Love Camping!

2 full weeks of camps and we LOVE it!! First we went to Lake Geneva (MN Family Camp), but (gasp) Jenn Forgot the camera! No pictures to share from all the fun we had there--oops. This past week we were at FaHoCha Camp in ND. From our understanding it was the largest camp ever with 80 campers. The kids spent much of their time catching frogs (and a couple of snakes, too), plus swimming, playing in the game room, and on the playground. Many kids gave their hearts to Jesus--and that's the best part of camp! The first pic is of the kids helping with dishes (L to R: Jacen, Abbi, Bryce, Steven, and Darica--Jacen and Darica are the camp Manager's kids. Steven stays with our friends, the Hooge's). The second pic is of all the campers (and us, too). The bottom pic is of the sunset right before our campfire night--it was just gorgeous!