Saturday, November 13, 2010

Geeky Ugaritic Mug

I just HAD to blog about one of the geekiest things I've seen (this week).  Boy...I wish I had one :-).  It turns out Eisenbrauns is offering a mug that has the story of 'Ilu's drinking party in Ugaritic cuneiform with a helpful translation on the other side (for those not sufficiently adept at reading such texts in cuneiform).  If anyone gets me for a secret pal this year for Christmas...only $15 will snag this beauty...hint-hint.  I can taste the rootbeer floats now...."wtš šbc."

Eisenbrauns 2010 Mug
Eisenbrauns 2010 Mug
The Drinking Party of 'Ilu (KTU 1.114; RS 24.258)

Eisenbrauns, 2010
25 oz., English and Ugaritic
Your Price: $15.00


  1. If you will be at SBL or ASOR, we are giving them away with $150.00 purchase...


  2. James,
    If I was going to be there I would CERTAINLY be picking one up :-). I'm hoping to still get one anyways. This year SBL was not to be for me...though perhaps next year. Thanks for letting me (and my readers know though).


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